How to Make a custom order with Burnt Offerings …

Frequently Asked Questions

Question - I have seen something I like but its not in the Available section

Please still make contact with me, I maybe able to source a similar piece or we can talk about putting the design onto something completely different, there are many possibilities. 

Question - How do I see your new pieces

Every week I make new pieces for the week.  I put these up for sale on my Facebook page on a Sunday at 5pm.  When on Facebook, just click on the pictures, there is a description, approximate dimensions, price and postage cost.  The first person to comment has the first right to purchase.  I will make contact via messenger.  So my Facebook audience gets first dibs on my new pieces, before I transfer them to the website.

Question - What are the pieces in the Available section

These pieces have been put up on Facebook and didn’t sell.  Facebook is a brilliant tool but quite often people miss the post or it doesn’t come up in their news feeds.  So all the pieces in the Available section are for sale and the first person to message me has the first right to buy.

Question - How do I go about asking for a commission piece

First step is to make contact with me.  I will then discuss what you are looking for.  I have a large stash of items and I may have something that suits your requirements or I will need to source a piece.  I will send photo of the piece, before I start work on it, to make sure you are happy with it.  I then create a design on the computer, which I will send through to make sure we are on the same wave length.  I may ask for a deposit at this stage.  Once I have finished the piece, I will send a photo.  Then full payment is required, including shipping costs.  Once funds clear, I will send your unique piece to you.

Question - How do I pay you

I will send you my bank account details.

Question - Would you work on something i already own

Yes, as long as the piece is suitable.  I can not burn onto bamboo or custom wood.  Most wood pieces will need to be sanded before I work on them, as I don’t like to burn through varnishes or other finishes.  If your piece is glass, I can not guarantee that the glass won’t crack while I am working on it, so if you are happy to take the chance and I feel the glass is thick enough for etching, I am happy to work on it for you.

Question - Can I come and have a look at your pieces

Yes, I work from home in a lovely studio.  The studio is only open to the public by appointment, so just make contact to arrange a time and date.

Question - Do you send pieces overseas

Due to the extreme cost of sending items overseas, often costing more than my pieces, I only send to NZ addresses.